Happy Directory

Happy Directory is a web direc­tory spe­cial­izes in cat­e­go­riz­ing and link­ing up var­i­ous web­sites online. This allows some­one who is look­ing for a par­tic­u­lar type of site to browse sim­i­lar sites with­out hav­ing to find the per­fect search terms to find their topic. If you are work­ing in search engine opti­miza­tion, submit to direc­to­ries that are edited by humans. Because the links in these direc­to­ries are ver­i­fied by human eyes as of value, search engines tend to place higher value on them.

Near Eastern and Semitic Studies Information Archive

The Near Eastern and Semitic Studies Information Archive (NESSIA) is a digital library which aims to provide a collection of documents, books and images that are related to the Near East as well as Semitic studies. Their goal is to position themselves as a useful resource for students, academicians as well as the average person interested in these subjects to visit the site and use their collection as a source for their references. Continue reading Near Eastern and Semitic Studies Information Archive

My Defence Review

My Defence Review is a military blog which provides the latest military issues, news as well as world affairs related to the armed forces for those interested readers and military enthusiasts. It should be interesting to note that the innovation of tech such as satellite technology, anesthesia, penicillin, rubber, night vision cameras, jet engines and early computer systems are due to military research and activities. Hence the site covers a wide range of topics such as weaponry, aviation as well as military technology.

Solarnica – A Solar Energy Blog

Solarnica is a solar energy blog which will discuss on the topic of solar energy. This blog is aimed to be focused on the various issues related to solar energy, the technology and development behind it and everything else regarding renewable energy in general. As it is well-known to many, solar energy is the one of the renewable resources available and moreover, it is one of the continuous energy sources that exist. Solar power exists because of sun and solar power is one of the causes of life on earth. Continue reading Solarnica – A Solar Energy Blog

On Apostasy In Islam

On Apostasy In Islam is a religion information website which focuses on the issue of apostasy from the perspective of Islam. The issue of apostasy in Islam is controversial, as many people opposed to Islam often misuse this issue as a reason to label Islam as a religion of intolerance. However, the issue of apostasy has nothing to do with the “freedom of religion” as understood by the West and has everything to do with the well-being of the Muslim community, otherwise known as the ummah. Continue reading On Apostasy In Islam

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